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Originally from Yorkshire, I am now happily living in Herne Bay, overlooking the sea. I love it here.. we have the best of everything - countryside, coast, culture, and close enough to London.

My love affair with photographs all started with a big box of family photos which I used to spend hours looking through as a child. All the historical old black and white photos, all those memories... they were so precious to me, holding secrets about the past which were otherwise long-forgotten.

My mum (also a photographer) gave me my first SLR around 20 years ago, back in the film days, and I have been passionate about it ever since. With photography I never get bored - it is an ever-evolving world... infinitely creative. And you can take your camera anywhere...

People, nature, macro, abstract... I see beauty in the simple things - everything and everyone...

One of my main loves is photographing people... (plus I'm a social soul)... and that's why I really enjoy covering weddings, portraits and events. Every photograph of a person is unique, and I think everyone has a special something about them, however they look and no matter how camera-shy they are - old, young, big and small, wrinkly and dinkly - it's the "imperfections" that make us interesting! 

Please take a look at my portfolio for sample images and my Instagram account @cazhuff

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